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Falguera 2012

60% Samso (Carignane)
40% Red Grenache 14 months in french oak barrels

Production: 1043 bottles of 75cl. and 50 bottles of 150cl.

Harvested: à la main
Appellation of Origin: Empordà
Ageing potential in ideal conditions: 5–10 ans

Serving temperature: 17–18º C
Conservation temperature: 11–14º C

Acidity: 6 gr/ltr*
Alcohol Content: 15%vol
ph: 3.5

Serving Glasses: Syrah type glasses slightly domed.
Decanting: 1h before serving, but not indispensable.

celler hugas de batlle, Falguera 2012

A tribute: The old vineyard of La Falguera, where this Samso was born, is added the influence of the sea breeze during the warm midday hours of summer, the protection of spring Tramontana due to the turns and directions of the wind stream and the Mediterranean light; hundreds of years of natural conditions that have given the best grapes of Samso in the Emporda from immemorial time.

Harmony of Blend: The sweetness of Grenache and its strong fruity nose reminding the strawberries and red fruits that ripen in summer and autumn (raspberries, blackberries, sloes...) combine with fresh while fruity nose (cherry) from Carinyena (Samso). Freshness in mouth as well from mix of both varieties, besides the presence of strawberries and cherries, this blend gives us elegant tannins due to the effect of slates or “llicorelles.”

Wine of terroir: Hillsides of Colera: Hillsides of Colera The impressive deep red color with violet hue so typical of Carinyena (Samso) rounds out a lordly mouthfeel, long and unctuous as the wines have done it in Colera throughout time. Fusion of desired and warm sunshine with the soil (llicorelles) encrusted with iron or calcium together with terraced vineyard, provide us every year delicate wines but marked with Mediterranean character and an extraordinary aging potential. Perfectly monitored extraction and maceration from the skins during the fermentation and the French oak barrel ageing for close to a year, add up to final performance.

Tasting note: Bright Red. Performing nose and complex, a wine with ageing potential of ten or more years. Characteristic Emporda of phenolic depth with Samso’s (Carignane) fruit background: black cherries, currants and other berries. In the mouth it shows the characteristic nerve of soil and in particular the one of Samso that gives it a boost to the palate. Body and power domesticated and with persistent finish. An excellent wine to go with good food.