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Vall de Molinàs 2015

100% Red Grenache
6 months in french oak barrel

Production: 1217 bottles of 75 cl./ 50 bottles of 150 cl./ 4 bottles of 300 cl.

Harvested: Handpicked Harvest
Appellation of Origin: Empordà
Ageing potential in ideal conditions: We recommend drinking it during the next five years although it may very well continue to evolve to 10 or more

Serving temperature: 16 -17 ºC
Conservation temperature: 11 -14 ºC

Acidity: 5,57 gr/ltr*
Alcohol Content: 14%vol
ph: 3,40

Serving Glasses: Syrah kind of diamond shape and medium size or large

celler hugas de batlle, Vall de Molinàs 2015

Harmony of Blend: A pure Mediterranean wine. Fruit nose elegant , delicate Grenache aged in oak: fine, fragrant glamorous, with character, playful, softened . A classic element that shows the purity of lines due to sensory slate floors that give Colera

Wine of terroir: Hillsides of Colera: The Valley of Molinas makes the thread conductor of the quality of our wines landscapes.The Valley is changing from his birth in the seaside up to the hill more elevated; his wines are also be different as each corner and margins dry stone with the amount and his harvest that inspire us in a special way.The Mediterranean See that we look from Colera is made of unique and unrepeatable moments like each wines of HdeB and as one of Vall de Molinas.

Emotions in a wine glass: Emotions in a glass The biggest wines of our house are always stored. Time allows them to put themselves in place, to order all the aromas and sensations that the times of youth allowed them to extract. They always arrive at a point of delicacy, a feeling of sweet old age and almost magical beauty. The greatest wines of our country are not uncommon even when they have the velvety silkiness. Embrace the herbs and plants in the environment to offer the best version of the corner of the world that saw them born. The Vall de Molinàs de HdeB express this way every year: always the same; Always different.

Tasting note: Tasting notes Red elegant. Intense nose, spicy fruit on a background from red and black and hints of oak. This wine is very elegant nose mouth that keeps nerve and Freshness of Grenaches. The palate leaves the same intense memories now more acidified fruit, herbs and oak nose that make a great wine with great complexity. The tannins present have the right balance between the strength of so many black Emporda and elegance that gives them the aging time. Elegant as few wines from its range, combines sensations while fresh, nice and strong. It will keep for many years.