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Coma de vaixell 2015

25 % Merlot
60% Cabernet Sauvignon
15% Red Grenache
3 months in french oak barrels

Harvested: manually
Appellation of Origin: Empordà

Serving temperature: 15-16 º C
Conservation temperature: 12-15 ºC

Acidity: 6,09 gr/ltr
Alcohol Content: 14%vol
ph: 3.52

Serving Glasses: Quite cylindrical Cabernet type, with a mouth slightly narrower than the base.

Harmony of Blend: An Atlantic coupage transported to the Mediterranean. A highly unusual nose, bringing together two of the most admired varieties in the world – Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon – expressing themselves with a great deal of Empordà character. Vines up to 10 years old that are already showing how far their adaptation and complementary nature combine to make a drinkable, smooth-bodied, explosive, young, fresh, original wine. The range of aromas offered by this coupage is undoubtedly a good ambassador to the world combined with the personality of the Colera area.

Wine of terroir: Hillsides of Colera: Inspired by the freshness of our sea and the freshness absorbed by these two varieties in their native Bordeaux, in this wine, the slate soil and harshness of the Colera climate generate an original intensity and complexity that deserve a proper tasting. The essence of L'Empordà is also absorbed at Coma de Vaixell, our highest vineyard, but in a different way. In these corners of the mountains, Merlot and Cabernet, which stand up to hot summers, find the microclimates that make the character of this wine, which has so much of Colera but is also so new.

Emotions in a wine glass: Varieties subjected to the Tramuntana north wind that blows and tests the leaves. The resistance of vines cultivated at medium altitude, near the sea breeze. Grapes tasted by wild boar long before the autumn arrives. We extract all the perfume and intensity from these grapes and put them in the cork-stoppered bottles that help us to preserve their aromas. A fresh, original drop of wine from our Colera vineyards.

Tasting note: Bright red with a bluish tinge. A different, perfumed, very fruity nose recalling red berries like strawberries or raspberries mixed with a hint of toasted oak. It is a very drinkable wine, entering the mouth smoothly with, above all, a very strong reminder of the same fruits or flowers and aromatic herbs as the nose. Explosive in a way few young wines are, but with pleasant, fresh sensations due to its acidity that will keep it light for quite some time.