The estates

All our estates are in Colera’s boundary. Time ago, before the phylloxera arrived in the region, nearly the whole term was planted with vineyards. There was a long tradition to produce good wines characterised by a lot of personality, a high concentration and balanced acidity. All our vineyards are influenced by three factors which distinguish us:

We look after our vineyards assiduously and care for the environment minimising the use of fungicides and other products irrespective with nature. The quality of our products and the peculiarity of the soil oblige us to mainly work manually. The whole grape harvest is manual and we pick the grapes individually and pick the best ones from that moment.

celler hugas de batlle, Coma Fredosa / Comes Llobes

Coma Fredosa / Comes Llobes

This is the first estate which our family recovered on 2000 setting up the preparatory terraces. On 2002 we planted the first phase of 5.500 feet of Emporda’s typical Black Grenache and 14.000 feet of Cabernet Sauvignon; two of the varieties which make up one of the most worldwide known blend. The result is our first range of wine: Coma Fredosa. A slate soil with mineral incrustation offers a characteristic dab to the wine. The estate is located at the edge of Albera’s mountains falling into the sea, 3 Km away from Colera at the Poca Sang path.

celler hugas de batlle, Coma de Vaixell

Coma de Vaixell

A estate located between Puig d’Esquers and Colera in a maximum height of 400 metres over the sea, a high influence of the north wind (tramuntana) and its slate soil. In Coma de Vaixell we planted feet of strains in three times: First in 2002 were planted 4.500 Black Grenache and 6.000 Cabernet Sauvignon; next in 2005 were planted 2.500 Merlots; and finally in 2008 the estate’s plantation of vineyards was completed with 7.000 Merlots more and 3,000 Grenaches. Due to the distance of the vineyards from the village and the proximity to the forest the wild pig is a plague and the biggest danger for the grapes in this area.

celler hugas de batlle, La Falguera

La Falguera

State bought in 2004 with an existing plantation of 1,000 strains of Carignen and 2,000 of Muscatel, both older than 80 years old. The Muscatel is the traditional one from Colera with big golden grapes and highly sweet on its maturity. The vineyard was completed in 2005 planting more than 2,500 strains’ feet of Carignen. It is located nearby the silt of Molinàs’ stream, half way to Colera

celler hugas de batlle, La Pineda

La Pineda

This estate belonged to the family since old times. Grandfather already had vineyards here. It is located mid way nearby the small road connecting Porbou and Cala Rovellada in Colera. It is just 150 metres away from the beach; therefore it has a big influence from the sea. There was found a slope sheltered from the strong north wind (tramuntana); which also guards the rest of the estate. There we planted 4,000 Syrah strains and 6,000 White Grenache in 2008. It is projected to build the future cellar between these plantations.